HCC Stories

We've all heard that the choice and purchase of a home is one of the most significant decisions a person will ever make. However, choosing where you and your children will learn the things of God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ has eternal ramifications. So we believe that the choice of a church home is even more important.

See below the stories of those that at one time or another stood where you do today and have now chosen to make Hope Christian Center their home.

Kendrea Crudup

Why I joined HCC! As a young adult, I find it important to make a name for myself and to be myself. When I visited HCC I was pleased that I could really be myself and I didn't feel the pressures of having to be dressed a certain way or act a certain way in church. I found that the atmosphere was easy to worship in and I feel comfortable serving the Lord and learning more about the Lord. I've been to many churches where my age group was left out but at HCC, the word was relatable and applicable to me, in my life as a young adult.

Jeanisea Johnson

Finding a church home can often times be very difficult, stressful, and seemingly impossible. Finding somewhere you fit, as well as your family, and everyone in turn feels comfortable to wordship and pray is an awesome feeling. Hope Christian Center has been that place for me and my family. My daughter looks forward to Sundays, hanging with the Genesis Kids crew, and having a donut before services. It’s a nice part of our family time and worship routine.

Having a church family you can rely on in times of need is a great feeling and I am glad that’s what I have. When HCC began, it was during a time that was very fast moving for me and I came when I could. Later, life for me began to change in a way I couldn’t have expected or predicted and when that happens, you’re left playing catch up. Although, I was not ready for this, HCC was. I’m glad I was not playing alone. When I needed help moving, the Pastor made himself available to help my family when I couldn’t. What an awesome display of care and support for not only me, but members of this church who need it most! There’s nothing like having a church family that really is family.

I could not be happier to have been a part of this ministry from the beginning. It’s an awesome time to be here and I hope those reading come check us out

Sharphery Davis

After moving back to Texas I was looking for change. I knew I hadn’t been to church as much as I would have liked to. So, I attended a few churches to see if any were a good fit for me and they were not. When I finally attended HCC for the first time I knew instantly that I had found my church home. The atmosphere was amazing, the service was not drawn out it was straight to the point, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. But, most of all the service felt intimate and I was assured that I could make a difference. I’m a proud member of Hope Christian Center and the best is yet to come!

Bedelia Garza-Cawthon

I have been a member of Hope Christian Center (HCC) since the first day it opened. As a member of the congregation, I enjoy the family orientated gathering. The love from my Pastor and my church family is a strong connection. Though my parents raised me in a Catholic Church, it wasn't until I started attending HCC that I began to learn and grow in ministry.

Pastor Outland is an awesome teacher and pastor of our congregation. One thing I can truly say about my pastor is he will call my family and I to make sure we are doing fine and check if we are need of anything. He is personal and makes himself available to give a little prayer.

The HCC church service and bible study is teaching me in a deeper connection with our Lord and Savior. The music is joyful to my heart. It makes you want to sing without even knowing the words. It also makes you move and feel the holy spirit. If you want the feel of joy in your soul then HCC is the place to be.

Denine Williams

I joined Hope Christian Center because from the first time I visited I felt welcomed to become a part of a family of believers. My spiritual journey and my relationship with God is of the utmost importance and every Sunday I'm learning and growing. HCC is a teaching church where your welcomed to share your ideas, join different ministries, grow spiritually and be part of a family. This is a church that feels like home!

Eric Ward

The love and support we have received from our HCC family has been outstanding. I love the environment, the smiles and hugs I get every time I come to church. The music is outstanding. Pastor Outland's delivery of the word of God is always on point.

My family and I are happy to be a part of a church that gives us an opportunity to use our talents for the church. HCC is a beyond Sunday and beyond the wall of the sanctuary church. The outreach projects have been the center of our fellowship. Man at their greatest is a helper, a servant and a teacher. HCC has given me an opportunity to be the greatest me. HCC gives you the opportunity to be the best that God intended you to be. HCC helps foster your personal relationship with God.