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Sheima is helping Christopher cut tomatoes for a salad.

Reach Your Goals

The Special Needs Adult Day Program at Hope Christian Services Provides Opportunities for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Our RAVE Adult Day Program is categorized as a Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Special Needs Adult Day Program. It is open to people 21 and older registered with the DDD. It is one of the only programs in the state that provides nursing care. All of our programs are individualized so that participants can enjoy the satisfaction of achievement. We strive to meet each resident where they are and try to have them accomplish their own personal goals.


Special Activities and Highlights

Clients are guided and with opportunities to explore their own unique capabilities through activities such as light cooking, in-house errands and tasks, summertime swimming, day trips, and the use of adapted communication devices and appliances. Alternative positioning is available, and assistance is provided for any level of personal care required. Transportation is available, and lunch is provided. Our facility accommodates the unique dietary needs of every individual. 

The program operates on a 3:1 staff to client ratio. Staff members are trained in first aid, CPR, and medication distribution. Participants are encouraged to work at their most independent level with assistance and redirection from our team in order to achieve maximum success.

Events and Activities

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Special Seasonal Activities or Events

Many activities are tied in with specific seasons, monthly celebrations and holidays. Program participants enjoy creating pieces for art show, participating in the many activities at the fall festival, enjoying the festivities at the winter wonderland, competing at field day, planting and tending to their garden and preparing recipes with the vegetables they grow, cooking and baking treats for all occasions, and decorating for the seasons. In the sunny weather many of the work group conduct classes outside and enjoy some time in the pool. 

Contact Us!

The Special Needs Adult Day Program is located at the Bushman Building, 700 Mountain Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey. Contact [email protected] or call 201.848.8005 for more information.

Ernesto lends a helping hand to Robbie as they walk together

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